Nick Everard

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  Nick Everard

Nick Everard

Environment Agency , technical adviser - hydrometry

From floods to droughts, and at all points in between, the effective management of water in the environment is critical to people, nature, industry and the environment.

With over 30 years’ experience, Nick Everard leads for the Environment Agency on the tools and techniques for measuring the amount of water flowing in England’s rivers and streams. Having overseen the transformation of river flow measurement from a time-consuming and potentially hazardous process involving people in boats, equipment dangled from bridges and cables strung across rivers, to a swift and safe exercise using high speed robotic boats, Nick is now working with water scientists from around the world to bring a new revolution to river flow measurement.

To meet the growing challenges associated with the developing ‘climate emergency’, Nick is leading on the development of a range of tools which enable measurements of even the most extreme and potentially destructive flood flows. As well as transforming river flow measurement capabilities, the development of these tools is a great opportunity to drive innovation in the digital and technology sector, while delivering solutions which can bring real societal benefits.

A passionate believer in innovation through collaboration, Nick is working with several UK universities and river monitoring agencies from around the world to make river monitoring better, safer and more efficient than ever before.

Contact:  Tel: 07831 559379

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