Julie Foley

Industry expert

  Julie  Foley

Julie Foley

Environment Agency , director of flood risk strategy and national adaptation

I lead the development of the Environment Agency’s Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management Strategy working with government, risk management authorities and other partners.

The national responsibilities of my teams include:

- Setting the Strategy for FCRM and overseeing the stakeholder engagement to deliver it.

- Ensuring FCRM is planning and adapting to climate change and enabling climate resilient places.

- Providing research and economic analysis to improve value for money and using science to do

 our work more effectively.

- Ensuring the risks from flooding and coastal erosion are well understood to enable others to make

the right investments and decisions. Key work includes developing the long term investment

 scenarios as well as the mapping, modelling and data underpinning the national flood risk.

- Identifying opportunities to deliver integrated environmental benefits to achieve more for people

and the environment. Key work includes Natural Flood Management.


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