Innes Thompson

Bloomsbury Hotel 21 - 22 November 2018

Industry expert

 Innes  Thompson

Innes Thompson

Association of Drainage Authorities , Chief Executive

Innes trained as a civil engineer and has spent most of his career working with water across various sectors of the industry.

He is a fellow of the Institution of Civil Engineers and took up his most recent post of Chief Executive with the Association of Drainage Authorities (ADA) in April 2015. Prior to that, he was an Area Flood & Coastal Risk Manager at the Environment Agency in both Nottingham and York. He has also spent a significant proportion of his career working outside the UK, notably in France, the Middle East, Far East and the Indian subcontinent during the 1990’s. His current focus at ADA is increasingly on the sustainable management of water and achieving the correct balance of investment in drainage, water level and flood risk management.

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