Afternoon workshop: 15 November 2017

Bloomsbury Hotel 21 - 22 November 2018



Registration and refreshments


Facilitator’s opening remarks


Smart data for project control

  • The challenges of managing the data from biometric site access control
  • Leveraging the data from BIM tools to improve construction performance
  • A reflection on the potential of data on site and where the technology is heading



Efficiencies of BIM in flood defence design: Stonehaven FPS
Identifying the benefits and application of BIM to flood management projects, with a case study focus on the Stonehaven Flood Protection Scheme


Real-time data and operational modelling for smarter flood forecasting

  • How operational modelling and event modelling can provide flood or risk alerts and the ICEMLive concept
  • Introducing the Wessex Water catchment pilot study in collaboration with the Borough of Poole, Bournemouth Council and RAA
    • Reviewing the process, data sources used, alerts generated and actions taken to mitigate risks in the catchment



Q&A and group discussions – what impact can improved data collection and analysis have on the design and management of flood protection schemes and assets?

Networking and refreshments break

Case study: Innovative asset management through 3D imaging in Cumbria

  • The role of 3D imaging to improve asset management in the Cumbrian catchment
  • What were the challenges in the pilot and how were they overcme?
  • The results of the pilot scheme and what it means for the asset management strategy going forward

Case study: Integrating programme management with asset management on the Thames Estuary
How TEAM2100 are integrating major capital investments into the life cycle management of the Thames Estuary flood defence system.


Case study: The Application of geocellular structures in stormwater management
A review of how geocellular structures have been integrated into a stormwater management scheme on a key urban development project.


Q&A and group discussions – where is innovation most needed in flood management?


Facilitator’s closing remarks and end of workshop


Roundtable in association with Mott MacDonald (invite only)
Making urban spaces safer, resilient and desirable for sustainable development: the business case for freeing up flood prone land for redevelopment

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